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Parachute Magic provides skydiving instruction for students, and advanced training for their instructors. Call 651-216-1873, or write to for current rates, the latest schedule, and other information.

Introduction to Skydiving
        Make your first jump with a parachute on your back and a ripcord on your hip. No tandem jump required. Limited class size allows personalized instruction for the initial ground training, and you'll get one-on-one attention on every jump until you solo, then progressively more independence and continuing instruction leading to your internationally recognized "A" license.
       Not sure? Try a tandem jump: just half an hour of training before you're paired with an experienced tandem instructor. You'll be securely attached to your instructor's harness while you experience the thrill of freefall.
       Call Skydive Twin Cities (1-715-684-3416 or 1-800-SKYDIVE), in Baldwin, Wisconsin, to arrange for your First Jump Course.

Instructor Rating Courses
        It's a course, not a test. All Parachute Magic Instructor Rating Courses are "train-to-standard." At your course, you make as many jumps as you need to attain proficiency. At the end of your course, practice jumps blend smoothly into evaluation jumps. Not sure if you're ready? You can arrange for a practice jump or two to assess your skills.
        Call to schedule your own personalized Instructor Rating Course -- no need to wait for one of the courses published in Parachutist. Most courses can be arranged with as little as one or two days notice.

All Courses. You'll need to bring your USPA Skydiver's Information Manual (SIM) and Instructional Rating Manual (IRM). You can downloaded the SIM, but the complete IRM is available only in a paper version from the USPA store. You can check course requirements by downloading just the IRM Essentials, and get a head start on prerequisites by getting a Proficency Card. The IRM includes Proficiency Cards, too.

Coach Course (2-3 days). "B" license and 100 jumps. Before arriving at the course, you should assist in one First Jump Course, and teach the general portions (canopy control, landings, emergencies) of two others.

Static Line Instructor Rating Course. "C" license and 200 jumps, and a prior instructional rating (USPA Coach or AFF Instructor, for example). The Proficiency Card lists a number of items to be completed before arriving at the course, including assisting at two Static Line First Jump Courses. You'll also need to conduct simulated or actual static line jumps with experienced jumpers playing the role of student.

Accelerated Freefall Instructor Rating Course. "C" license, 6 hours of freefall, and a prior instructional rating (USPA Coach or Static Line Instructor, for example). Before arriving at the course, you should assist in two AFF First Jump Courses plus other AFF ground preps. See the Proficiency Card for details.

Tandem Instructor Rating Course. "D" license, 500 ram-air jumps, and a FAA Class 3 Medical Certificate. If you intend to train students (as part of a Tandem/IAF system, for example), you'll need some prior instructional rating (Coach or better), and you'll need to complete a number of Proficiency Card items before attending the course.
        Call Skydive Twin Cities (1-715-684-3416 or 1-800-SKYDIVE), in Baldwin, Wisconsin, to arrange for your Tandem Instructor Rating Course.