Parachute Magic is your source for parachute rigging and maintenance. Call 715-688-2680, or write to for current rates, scheduling your service, and other information.

Rigging is about more than just packing a parachute.

Parachute Magic inspects every main and reserve the same way: seam by seam, panel by panel, line by line, top, bottom and inside, with an eye for detail, backed by checklists and manuals. The reserve parachute fabric gets a strength test, annually (required by Performance Designs) or every five years (other manufacturers). You get a new reserve closing loop at every repack. Your cutaway cables get cleaned and lubed. Your main closing loop is replaced as needed. Your harness and container get the same careful attention. Only then are your parachutes repacked, reserve and main. The end product is a parachute system ready for you to use with confidence.


Tools of the trade.

There's a right tool for every job. Some rigs need only a few simple tools for a repack: pull-up cord, a temporary pin or two, maybe some packing weights.

Others need more. An altitude chamber to test altimeters and Automatic Activation Devices (AADs). Commercial- grade grommet dies. Link separators, hot knives, clamps, fids, or bodkins. Parachute Magic has the right tool for your job.


Parachute Magic stocks line and thread by the spool, hundreds of square yards of fabric, thousands of yards of tape and webbing, plus Cypres batteries, hard and soft links, and grommets of every size. The goal is simple: the shortest possible down time for your rig, while keeping your rig in top shape.

Perfect practice makes perfect.

Parachute Magic is the largest volume rigging service in the Twin Cities area. If you are a new customer, we've likely seen a rig like yours before, and we've probably practiced the techniques that can make your pack job look good and function well. Skydivers are our only business, so you'll get the personal attention and consistently fast service that professionals provide.

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Located just east of the Twin Cities, in Baldwin, Wisconsin.